MTV Unplugged

Rahman's set on MTV Unplugged is a perfect amalgam of the different styles of music he's dabbled in throughout his long-standing career. Combining Carnatic and Hindustani music with Western classical tunes and rhythm, the arrangements have been made keeping in mind his truly eclectic style and world music influences. The accompanying musicians -- most of them his long-time collaborators and students at the KM Music Conservatory -- serve to embellish the already rich texture and tonality of his most popular works. Anyone who calls himself a Rahman fan will not want to miss this set!

A.R. Rahman - MTV Unplugged 2 - Nenjukulle

Featuring new talent, Shaktishree Gopalan, this is a track from Mani Ratnam's Tamil film 'Kadal'

A.R. Rahman - MTV Unplugged 2 - Rehna Tu

'Rehna Tu' is a classic love ballad, in which ARR has seamlessly fused a strong Indian melody with Western instrumentation. It is also one of the very few songs on which AR Rahman has used the Continuum Fingerboard.

A.R. Rahman - MTV Unplugged 2 - Tu Bole

This song is about acknowledging a difference in points of view and, in fact, appreciating it when close relations are involved. The melody and tune, too, have a shifty feel that brings out this emotion. One of the very few jazz compositions that have become hits in the Hindi film music sphere.

A.R. Rahman - MTV Unplugged 2 - Phir Se Udd Chala

This song is about two people in love, and how because distance has kept them apart one lover desperately wants to fly out to meet the other so they can spend every moment of their lives together. In the MTV Unplugged version, ARR's layered composition incorporates very strong vocal harmonies by the choir and the shifty bed of the string section, giving this song with neither 'mukhda' nor 'antara' a very uplifting feel.

A.R. Rahman - MTV Unplugged Season 2 - Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo

This is AR Rahman's rendition of the Farida Khanum classic, his ode to her, rearranged to suit an acoustic setting. Few people know that this is one of Rahman's favourite ghazals of all time. And he goes very avant garde with it, with a liberal use of jazz with his accordion, strings and piano.

A.R. Rahman - MTV Unplugged Season 2 - Dil Se

You've heard the original and love it; let's just say the raw passion with which AR Rahman sings this classic - accompanied by starkly contrasting toned down instruments - on MTV Unplugged is sure to leave you with goosebumps!

A.R. Rahman - MTV Unplugged Season 2 - Ye Jo Des

Presenting the very first track of Royal Stag Mega Music MTV Unplugged Season 2 featuring the Mozart of Madras, A R Rahman! Here's Ye jo des from the album Swades, recreated acoustically, exclusively for MTV Unplugged. Saturday 8 PM, on MTV!

ARR reinterprets this song, making this an epic production, with a string section, choir and an orchestra of live instruments, transforming this otherwise soothing melody into an anthem!

MTV Unplugged Season 2 - All Songs Behind The Music - A.R. Rahman

Find out what the God of Music has to say about the songs he's chosen, their arrangements and how he's recreated them for the show! And listen to snippets of two songs you haven't seen until now!

MTV Unplugged Season 2 - Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo Song Behind The Music - A.R. Rahman

Here's a behind the music snippet of Aaj jaane ki zidd Na Karo song performed by A.R. Rahman.