The Lord Of The Rings

Track List

1. Dvd Only Extra
Vocals: Aragorn, Arwen
2. Finale
Vocals: The Company
3. Epilogue (Farewells)
Vocals: Hobbits
4. The Final Battle
Vocals: Forces Of Mordor, Galadriel, The Army Of Allies
5. Wonder
Vocals: Galadriel, The Army Of Allies
6. The Song Of Hope (Duet)
Vocals: Aragorn, Arwen
7. Gollum/Sméagol
Vocals: Gollum (Sméagol)
8. Now And For Always
Vocals: Sam, Frodo
9. The Siege Of The City Of Kings
Vocals: Orchestral, Female Voices
10. Lothlórien
Vocals: Legolas, Galadriel, Elves Of Lothlórien
11. The Golden Wood
Vocals: Elves Of Lothlórien
12. Lament For Moria
Vocals: Gimli, Gandalf
13. Star Of Eärendil
Vocals: Arwen, Elves and Visitors Of Rivendell
14. The Song Of Hope
Vocals: Arwen
15. Flight To The Ford
Vocals: Forces Of Mordor, Rangers Of The North, Wandering Elves, Glorfindel
16. The Cat and The Moon
Vocals: Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam, Breelanders
17. Saruman
Vocals: Female Voices
18. The Road Goes On
Vocals: Sam, Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Rangers Of The North, Wandering Elves
19. Prologue (‘Lasto I Lamath’)
Vocals: Arwen

Album Credits

Release date: 2008

Label:Kevin Wallace Music


The Lord of the Rings
Original London Production Album
A.R.Rahman, Varttina
Musical Director:
Christopher Nightingale
Kevin Wallace
Matthew Warchus
Shaun McKenna and Matthew Warchus
Based on the book by:
JRR Tolkein
Malcolm Storry as ‘Gandalf’, James Loye as ‘Frodo Baggins’, Laura Michelle Kelly as ‘Galadriel’, Michael Therriault ‘Gollum’, Peter Howe ‘Sam’, Jérôme Pradon ‘Aragorn’, Brian Protheroe ‘Saruman'
Kevin Wallace Music

Release date
Feb 11, 2008