People Like Us

Track List

1. Dotted Line featuring Liz Phair and A. R. Rahman
2. Family Pictures
3. I Am Your Brother
4. Crab Drumming / Finding Sam
5. Breakfast For Mom / Just Be People
6. Six Rules
7. Airport Adventures featuring Michael Ripoll
8. Discount Prom Dress
9. Tacos
10. Mom
11. Welcome To People
12. Beat The Living
13. Frankie's Burning Desire
14. Following Frankie
15. Dad's Shaving Kit
16. Dad's Studio
17. New York To LA
18. People Like Us

Album Credits

Release date: 2012

Studio:Dreamworks Pictures

Label:Lakeshore Records


Music composed By :
A. R. Rahman
Soundtrack produced by :
A. R. Rahman
Soundtrack album executive producers:
Skip Williamson and Brian McNelis
Dreamworks music executive:
Jennifer Hawks
Lakeshore Records
Dreamworks Pictures
Alex Kurtzman
Executive Producer:
Alex Kurtzman
Robert Orci, Bobby Cohen, Clayton Townsend
Produced by:
A. R. Rahman
Executive Producer:
Alex Kurtzman
Additional Arrangement:
Kazimir Boyle
Score Recorded at Sony Studios   
Music Editor:
Erich Stratmann
Matt Dunkley
Music Contractor:
Peter Rotter
Mixed by Alan Meyerson at Panchathan Hollywood Studios, Los Angeles
Mastered by Louie Teran at Marcussen Mastering Studios, Hollywood
Sound Engineers:
Panchathan Hollywood Studios, Los Angeles Satoshi Noguchi, Tony Joy, Viviane Chaix, Cory Bice
"Airport Adventures"
Written by A. R. Rahman
Performed by Michael Ripoll
"Dotted Line"
Written by A. R. Rahman and Liz Phair
Performed by Liz Phair

Music Composed by:
A. R. Rahman
Dreamworks Music Executive:
Jennifer Hawks
Dreamworks Music Co-ordinators:
Tori Fillat, Christopher Hogenson
Music Supervisor:
Liza Richardson
Music Clearance:
Julie Sessing
Soundtrack album executive producers:
Skip Williamson, Brian McNelis
Director of A&R:
Eric Craig
Art Director:
John Bergin
Mastered by DNA Mastering, Glendale, CA
Music clearance for Lakeshore Records:
Lynn Hobensack

CM - Bruce Dukov
Charlie Bisharat
Belinda Broughton
Darius Campo
Julie Ann Gigante
Tamara Hatwan
Ana Landauer
Natalie Leggett
Dimitrie Leivici
Phillip Levy
Maya Magub
Helen Nightengale
Alyssa Park
Katia Popov
Neil Samples
Jeanne Skrocki
Lisa M. Sutton
Josefina Vergara
Shalini Vijayan
Miwako Watanabe


1st - Brian Dembow
Robert Brophy
Andrew Duckles
Alma Fernandez
Keith Greene
Shawn Mann
Darrin McCann
David Walther

1st - Steve Erdody
Erika Duke-Kirpatrick
Dennis Karmazyn
Armen Ksajikian
Timothy Landauer
Dana Little
Andrew Shulman

1st - Michael Valerio
Nico Abondolo
Timothy Lefebvre
Edward Meares

1st - David Shostac
Heather Clark
1st - Stuart Clark
Donald Foster

1st - James Thatcher
Daniel Kelly
Jenny Kim
George Doering
Michael Ripoll
Thom Rotella
Joel Shearer

1st - Alan Estes
Michael Shapiro
Donald WIlliams
Randy Kerber

Jo Ann Turovsky

Guy Allen Klucevsek
Michael Watta
Jimmie Wood
Glass Armonica:
William Zeitler
Composer's note:

People Like Us is such a special and rare movie for me to score. A big thanks to Alex Kurtzman for making me do this! It's my first working with the Dreamworks team and was such a pleasure. Jennifer Hawks, thank you for your constant support.

Thank you Alan Meyerson, Matt Dunkley, Kazimir Boyle, Satoshi Noguchi, Tony Joy, Jay Chakravarti and the incredible LA musicians of Peter Rotter. Thank you Liz Phair for the beautiful "Dotted Line" and everyone at Gorfaine and Schwartz including Emily and Lesley.

I also want to thank my family for not forgetting me in their prayers when I took off to Hollywood again. And to the Creator, for blessing me with more Music
- A. R. Rahman